Press Release: Vermeer partners with Draganfly to integrate VPS

Vermeer Corporation has announced a strategic partnership with drone manufacturer Draganfly Inc., to integrate Vermeer's VPS (visual positioning system) payload with the Commander 3 XL drone. This move comes as part of Vermeer's wider efforts to offer a modular unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platform with the capability to determine its location in GPS-denied, spoofed, or contested environments.

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The VPS technology, which is being integrated with the Commander 3XL drone, has the potential to enable aerial platforms to determine their location in challenging environments. Christopher Pickett,  Director of Business Development at Vermeer, said, "Draganfly's technology will provide a seamless solution that keeps pilots flying even in the most difficult or remote areas during critical missions. We are extremely excited about this partnership which will provide a full drone solution using vision-based, global navigation for GPS-denied and spoofed environments for military and government contracts."

Cameron Chell, President, and CEO of Draganfly, also expressed his excitement about the partnership. He added, "Our team designed and manufactured the Commander 3XL drone to ensure it was compatible with various interchangeable payloads. Integrating Vermeer's VPS technology with the Commander 3XL will help improve military and defense intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions. We are thrilled to partner with Vermeer to create solutions that help defense agencies protect life, mitigate risk, and reduce liability."

Overall, this partnership represents a significant step towards providing comprehensive drone solutions that enable military and government agencies to operate with greater confidence and efficiency in challenging environments. Vermeer's VPS technology and Draganfly's Commander 3XL drone are poised to deliver cutting-edge capabilities that help address critical challenges facing the defense sector.

Brian Streem

CEO, Vermeer

Brian Streem is CEO and founder of Vermeer.