Previsualize your drone mission for the perfect shot.

Remove friction. Collaborate. Automate. Capture.

Our cutting edge augmented reality software delivers the easiest drone solution on the market.

Design your shot in 3D before taking flight. We put you in the pilot’s seat, allowing you to fly the camera, not the drone. Then our network of drone operators will execute your shot. Download the app for iOS for free.

Create Your Shot

Vermeer enables you to create the unique, aesthetically captivating footage you envision.

Frictionless Ordering

We’ve boiled our expertise in drones into one app. Order your shot and we’ll get moving instantly.

Swift Delivery

Our automated processes will quickly put a drone in the sky to execute your shot. We’ll alert you when your footage is downloadable in-app.

You’re probably familiar with our work.

We’ve worked with the best in show business.

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Previsualize your drone mission.