Command space and satellite operations in 3D visual space

Vermeer ISR Product

Our Satellite Collaboration Toolkit (SCTK) enables an AR environment resulting in multi-user 2D/3D whiteboard for decision making, planning and training. We enable the Space Force and the Department of Defense to establish a visually enhanced immersive space domain awareness (SDA) environment across the board. This environment fosters intuitive and collaborative satellite control and decision making, enabling rapid reaction to a simulated or real threat scenario for enhanced operational readiness.

SCTK catalyzes far more cohesive decision making, removing points of contention and confusion - allowing for joint planning through two-way visual communication via head-mounted displays in a common shared virtual space picture. 

The data-to-decision capabilities for spacecraft lags traditional warfighting here on Earth by a significant amount. Satellite control constitutes a highly detailed approach, with hours of analysis and future movement simulated well in advance of launch. Our Visual Operating System (VOS) allows for the visualization of GNC of satellites thus enabling Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and providing a visual environment for any spatial scenario.


3D Spatial Interface using Hololens

AI-driven Space Scenario Visualization and Planning

Accurate Orbital Physics Engine

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