Press Release: Vermeer Receives $950 Million IDIQ Award from U.S. Air Force

A ceiling indefinite quantity contract for the maturation

Vermeer has been awarded a $950,000,000 ceiling indefinite-delivery/indefinite quantity contract for the maturation, demonstration and proliferation of capability across platforms and domains, leveraging open systems design, modern software and algorithm development in order to enable Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2).

This contract is part of a multiple award multi-level security effort to provide development and operation of systems as a unified force across all domains (air, land, sea, space, cyber, and electromagnetic spectrum) in an open architecture family of systems that enables capabilities via multiple integrated platforms.

Today’s contract follows Vermeer’s two direct to phase two SBIR awards last year.

The first AR + AI enabled tool

Vermeer is the first AR + AI enabled tool of it’s kind that allows an operator to easily, through the use of intuitive gestures and visualization, manipulate robotic systems, such as drones, in the field, as well as visualize sensory data in a purely synthetic environment.“ABMS is well on its way to transforming the future of the USAF,” said Brian Streem, CEO and Vermeer. “Vermeer is honored to be able to support the Air Force’s JADC2 vision with our product.”

“Vermeer is honored to be able to support the Air Force’s JADC2 vision with our product.”

About Vermeer

Vermeer is a New York based company that creates an augmented reality and artificial intelligence visualization and command and control system for the warfighter.  Vermeer provides a first of its kind solution and was a member of the Air Force Accelerator Powered by Techstars.

For Inquiries

Contact CEO Brian Streem,

Brian Streem

CEO, Vermeer

Brian Streem is CEO and founder of Vermeer.