Chief Technology Officer

Job Description

For a drone technology and services company (Aerocine Ventures, Inc. d/b/a Vermeer – Brooklyn, NY): design and develop Augmented Reality Navigation protocol for multiple unmanned systems; set the technical direction for vision based positioning systems as a backup to GPS (alternate PNT); create and execute a strategic plan for different flavors of VPS and identify the exact resources necessary to execute and bring technology to a maturity level for the DoD; oversee all other product and technology development strategy; oversee engineering teams to increase their expertise and understanding of best development practices; responsible for hiring engineering teams and assigning tasks and responsibilities to multiple engineering teams working on disparate product lines; project manage 3 Phase 2 SBIR awarded by the USAF and improve TRLs for fielding the solution; acquire geospatial data for 3d model of large facilities in high detail using Pix4d mapper and DJI GS Pro; lead and coordinate administrative tasks such as equipment and operating budgets; maintain fixed asset ledgers while also developing R&D and personnel training budgets; acquire and maintain a fleet of drones (20 + custom and OTS) over a multi year period to sustainably support drone operations based on depreciating cost for drone equipment in a fast paced evolving field.


  1. Master of Science or foreign equivalent degree in Aerospace Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics or a related field.
  2. 3 years of experience in the job offered or 3 years of experience as a Lead Aeronautical Engineer.  The required   experience   must   include   Px4   flight   stack,   Ardupilot   and   Aeroquad   systems,   DJI   autopilot systems and microPilot line of flight controllers, setting technical direction for drone-related technologies, designing, building and developing heavy lift drone operations. Experience can be gained while pursuing degree.
  3. Proficiency in MATLAB, Simulink, Solid works, Arduino IDE, STK, C, C++ and Java.
  4. FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate.
  5. Knowledge of control system architectures, closed loop implementation using microcontrollers and groups 1 and 2 Unmanned aerial systems.


Work Location: Brooklyn, NY.

Hours: 40 per week - Monday through Friday.

Apply to Brian Streem, Chief Executive Officer, Aerocine Ventures, Inc. at