Reimagine Camera Flight

Vermeer is a mobile iOS app that inverts how drones are flown—you get precise control over the picture and the rest happens behind the scenes. No more multi-tasking, bulky controllers, or dual-operator systems. You’ll be able to realize your perfect aerial shot and not think once about the heading of the drone.

1. Pick Your Drone

Vermeer is compatible with all the latest DJI drones on the market (for a full list, click here). Customize each flight by selecting which drone, camera, and lenses you're flying that day.

Step 1 for Tour for Aerial Shot Capture

2. Design Your Camera Path

Create a camera path by moving your phone through the miniature 3D model. Pushing the phone forward will fly the camera forward, tilting the phone down will tilt the camera down, and moving the phone up will increase the elevation of the camera.

3. Pre-visualize and Fly!

Adjust and re-record your camera path until it looks exactly the way you'd like. The shot that you capture with your phone camera will match the shot captured by your drone camera, frame-for-frame. Then watch your drone execute it autonomously.

Ready to test the future of camera flight?

DISCLAIMER: We’re still in Beta. Re-designing camera flight isn’t easy, and we’re still working on creating the best possible experience for our users. If you downloading the app at this time, you’re using for a product that is still under development. We highly encourage feedback, and we appreciate your patience as we work to build the most intuitive drone app on the market.