‘The Space Between Us’ Features Aerobo Drone Footage

On Friday, February 3rd ‘The Space Between Us’ debuted in the US, Directed by Peter Chelsom and starring Gary Oldman. ‘The Space Between Us’ brings us a compelling story (screenplay written by Allan Loeb) about the first human born on Mars. As we advance towards exploration and colonization of our ‘local’ neighborhood in space, humanity will naturally have to adapt in new and unforeseen ways both physically and culturally. ‘The Space Between Us’ examines this journey for humanity’s first Martian.


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Aerobo drone pilots and proprietary drone technology were leveraged for a number of shots in this film over locations in 3 different states: New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. Capturing footage like the ‘rocketship POV’ shot, Aerobo drone pilots and crew had numerous challenges to contend with. One of the primary challenges while shooting the film was the high altitude of Telluride CO. At 8750’, over a mile and a half above sea level, Telluride presents real challenges to rotor-based drone cinematography hardware. The prevailing drone hardware platform at the time of filming was unable to lift the RED Epic, with full cinema focus and iris control package, that the client needed for the shot. To get this hardware into the air we were forced to use a smaller, lighter drone with a better thrust ratio and a smaller lighter camera, the Panasonic GH4. As a result of this experience, Aerobo set out to design and build a new proprietary drone and was able to employ it later in the production of the film.

The new proprietary drone was named the Aerobo X8. Able to produce 110 lbs of thrust, it is both nimble and agile and can fly up to 40mph with a full payload. The entire airframe, including dual 22000mAh LiPo batteries, weighs in at 34 lbs, with 21lbs available for payload. Though limited by FAA regulations in the US to a max altitude of 400’ AGL, the actual operating ceiling is 2000’ above the operator. We have operated the drone with a full payload at 8000’ above sea level with high pitch props. The max rate of ascent is 15fps, and it descends at a max rate of 7fps. We built this drone to accommodate the Movi m15 and have since upgraded our fleet to the Movi Pro. The Aerobo X8 was designed to fly the RED Epic and Arri Alexa Mini but is capable of flying other payloads like the Canon C300, Sony F55, or Sony A7SII. This drone, the Aerobo X8, has become a robust, reliable platform for our drone teams to employ in the field. We have since used this platform in support of projects for FOX, Universal, NBC, CBS, ABC, HBO, SHOWTIME.

Aerobo worked closely with co-producer and Second Unit Director, John Albanis (Hot Tub Time Machine) to achieve the desired look and feel of the drone work for the film. Some of the Aerobo footage was shot using the S1000 drone camera platform with a GH4 capturing footage at high altitude in Telluride CO. Once the Aerobo X8 was ready to be field deployed, we switched to a RED Epic with Cooke lenses.

Premiering February 10th in the UK, and released February 3rd here in the US, The Space Between Us uses innovative drone shots to tell a compelling story about the future of humanity.


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