The Daily Show Enlists Aerobo’s Professional Drone Filming Company to Dangle Fish

The Daily Show, starring Trevor Noah, is known for an irreverent skewering of politics on both sides of the aisle. On March 28th (Episode 88), the Daily Show took on President Trump’s budget cuts to programs like Meals on Wheels (a program which delivers meals to the elderly and veterans) which came alongside budget increases to military spending. To reconcile with the new normal, The Daily Show created ‘Meal Team Six’ – a militarized team to execute Meals on Wheels deliveries in typical Daily Show style.

The team at Aerobo are known as industry leaders for professional drone services and have delivered successfully on unique drone projects before. The Daily Show had a mix of requirements, from standard drone cinematography and standard tracking shots of the Meal Team Six Hummer to a unique requirement – dangling a fish. The Daily Show enlisted Aerobo because of their recent experience with ‘drone drops’ in the Oreo Drone Dunk campaign. The Daily Show team wanted to step this up a notch by dangling a 3-pound fish from a drone in a New Jersey neighborhood. Aerobo had created, and used successfully, a drop rig for a customized DJI Inspire drone during the Oreo shoot. The question, how was the rig going to work with a large fish instead of a small cookie?

Aerobo knew drone could handle the weight, but what other difficulties would there be? Stability is key for drone flights, and a 3-pound payload is not insignificant. To make sure the shoot went off without a hitch, the Aerobo team performed lab tests and experiments before ever reaching the job site to make sure the drone handling and drop rig were both prepared for the exact requirements of the job.

The shoot was straightforward and easy to execute, owing to Aerobo’s experience and thorough preparation. Aerobo, as the industry leader for drone cinematography and professional drone services, can tackle any set of drone services requirements. Aerobo leverages cutting-edge drone technology combined with experienced and dedicated professional drone pilots, camera operators and crew to ensure that each drone cinematography project is executed flawlessly.


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