VR Cinematography & Virtual Reality Drone Services: Shooting VR from a Drone

There is a difference between simple shooting VR footage with a 360 camera and shooting GOOD VR content with a virtual reality drone platform. VR is a new medium and best practices for filming are still being fine-tuned. Because of this, when undertaking a virtual reality project it is imperative to find a VR cinematography team with experience. Aerobo has leveraged cutting edge Virtual Reality drone services (from the Nokia OZO to the Jaunt ONE, and Freedom 360 rig to custom RED VR rigs) combined with proprietary drone technology to help the industry blaze a path into this exciting new art form.


Aerobo’s most recent VR project was for the Invisible VR web-series. The Invisible VR series from Doug Liman, director of The Bourne Identity and Edge of Tomorrow, was a unique and exciting project for the Aerobo team. The series was produced in partnership with Samsung, Jaunt VR, and Conde Naste. With such a great supporting team the series was destined for big things and has been heralded as the first great VR series, that which others will measure themselves against. Aerobo was an integral part of the production process and worked on the series with the producers for over a year, from test footage to wrap of the entire series.

The most important factor in getting good VR footage from a drone is a pilot’s experience. Many of the cameras that are used for virtual reality work are very expensive or custom designs. You need a qualified pilot to fly that much expensive hardware, someone with lots of experience and a steady hand. Another challenge of shooting VR from a drone is that the pilot usually needs to hide almost all of their body while flying so that they don’t wind up in the shot. To assist in this, we outfit all of our aircraft with FPV (first person view) cameras so that the pilot can glance down at a monitor for a “cockpit view” from the aircraft.

One of the most important aspects of getting dynamite VR footage is vibration damping. Aerobo’s engineers custom tune their proprietary vibration damping system to each specific camera payload ensuring that there is no ‘jello effect’ in the captured aerial cinematography. This vibration will ruin a whole VR shoot by making the footage unusable. Understanding the specific challenges and techniques of aerial drones, aerial cinematography and virtual reality drone cinematography all combined is what makes Aerobo the leading professional drone services firm engaging in VR drone services.


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