Aerobo Helps Produce Oreo’s Aerial Dunk Commercial

Oreo reached out to drone industry leader Aerobo with a special request: Perform the highest Oreo dunk in history.

Flown on the New Jersey side of New York Harbor, Aerobo used 7 drones in the same airspace for this unique and difficult project. Navigating this crowded airspace safely & legally required a strict air-traffic control plan. Five Inspire 1 drones were mocked up as giant Oreo cookies while two Inspire 2 drones were used to film the shots. Rigged with unique servo-release mechanisms the Oreo drones performed perfectly March 6th – National Oreo Cookie Day. 5 cookie drone pilots, 2 camera drone pilots, two camera operators and an aerial coordinator planned and practiced for two weeks to ensure that on National Oreo Cookie Day, the shot went off without a hitch.



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This Oreo promotion was not only fun and innovative, it got national coverage. With drones being on the cutting edge of technology innovation, drone footage and drone promotions are a new trend. Appearing in the SuperBowl halftime show and numerous commercial productions, drone content is almost guaranteed to create a buzz.


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