Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aerobo a part of Vermeer now?

Aerobo is now Vermeer. We’re taking aerial video to the next level and giving users more control over their shots than ever before.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the location and the length of the video. Once you submit your recording we’ll get back to you with the price within one business day.

Do I need access to a drone?

No. You can record the shots that you want in the AR city, and we’ll record the video with our drones.

Can I get a better quality drone video?

Yes. Contact us for enterprise sales and additional options.

Will you be expanding to other locations? How can I make a location suggestion?

Yes. We’d love to hear where you would like us next. Send us a message to or get in touch with us directly.

Frictionless and customizable drone shots at your fingertips.