Drone Base Review – Should You Order Your Drone Footage From Drone Base?

Dronebase review

Should you order your drone footage off drone job websites like Drone Base?

If you are a real estate agent or builder, you must have heard of this website / app which allows you to post freelance drone jobs and connect with drone pilots across the United States.

In this Dronebase review, we reveal some powerful reasons WHY ordering aerial photos and videos through drone job websites like Drone Base is NOT a good idea. You will learn with advancements in AR has now enabled quality-discerning clients to access far better solutions.

So, let’s first understand how Drone Base and other freelance drone job websites work.

How to Post a Job on Drone Base

It is easy to post a job on Drone Base. These are the step-by –step instructions:

  • Register yourself as a client on Drone Base
  • Mark your project location
How to mark a job on drone base
  • Enter your mission details
  • Select Your Package
How to select a mission on the drone base app
  • Make Payment

So far so good. Seems simple and streamlined. So, what are some issues with using a drone job platform like Drone Base?

Let’s take it from the top.

You Can’t Vet the Pilot

Perhaps, the biggest problem of hiring a pilot through a platform like Drone base is that you cannot really vet the pilot who will be flying your job. Once you upload your job details onto Drone base, you have little control over who is hired, and how the job is executed.

And vetting a pilot is far more complex than simply looking at the total number of flight hours. A pilot might have flown in excess of a 1,000 hours. But, how many of these hours were allocated to difficult jobs which required creative input or advanced flying skills?

Let me put this in another way – Should you hire a pilot who has flown a 1,000 hours executing simple jobs? Or, should you rather hire a pilot who has flown 100 hours of complex jobs?

Unfortunately, when you hire through Drone base, you have no control over such finer aspects.

Let’s consider another scenario. The real estate property that you are planning on getting filmed might be surrounded by tall trees. And, you could possibly get some great shots if the pilots flies “low and fast” in Atti mode. But safely flying “low and fast” and manoeuvring obstacles is far more difficult than flying “high and slow”.  

The Drone base platform is ill-equipped to handle quality conscious clients with similar specifications.

Further, these are some of the common mistakes that many amateur and poorly-trained pilots make:

  • Failure to calibrate IMU – This can possibly cause a drifting horizon line
  • Improper camera settings – failure to use the correct ISO, white balance and aperture will result in incorrectly exposed footage
  • Failure to factor in magnetic interference – Electromagnetic and Ferromagnetic interference can possibly cause a drone crash. To learn more about this topic, check out our blog post, “Flying Drones in Large Cities –Effective Ways of Tackling Magnetic Interference and Ensuring Drone Safety
  • Flying in high winds – Many amateur pilot fail to consider the fact that wind speed will increase with increase in altitude. Moreover, there are many who make the mistake of flying against the wind
  • Using the Right Filters – Using the correct filter helps a drone pilot overcome hardware restrictions, and grants greater flexibility during post-production
  • Lack of airspace knowledge and an inability to read airspace maps means that a pilot might end up flying in restricted airspace without proper authorization

When you order footage through Get Vermeer, you face no such issues.

Headed by Lead Aerospace Engineer, Suresh Kumar, all our drone pilots highly qualified to execute your most complicated requirements.

Are You Really Getting What You Need? You Can’t Really Pre-Visualize a Shot Using Drone Base

So, how exactly can pre-visualization help you?

When a client posts a job on Drone base, they can define the mission scope. The mission scope includes:

  • A shot list
  • Preparation Details
  • Execution Details
  • Scheduling Information

Check out this snapshot:

However, this alone may not suffice. Allow me to explain further.

Since, we are predominantly concerned with real estate and architectural photography, let us stick to these use cases.

Among the many important factors that can help grab a great shot, there are TWO that are often ignored:

  1. The Correct Angle of View and,
  2. The Correct Flying Height

So, why have I particularly singled out these two factors?

The CORRECT ANGLE OF VIEW can help you capture the depth of a building and the surrounding neighbourhood – thus, greatly enhancing your drone footage.

Whereas, THE CORRECT FLYING HEIGHT, apart from capturing the neighborhood, has other important benefits as well.

For instance, it is common for institutional and commercial buildings to have their mechanicals installed on the rooftop. So, fly too low, and you cannot really capture information like the depth of the building and the neighborhood. And fly too high, and you will end up highlighting the ugly mechanicals and spoiling your shot.

When you are using the Drone base platform to procure your aerial photos and videos, you get the option to define your mission scope.

But, can you really ascertain such critical aspects without having an eye up in the sky?

Fortunately, now you can. With the Vermeer App, you can pre-visualize and pre-plan the entire shoot so that the client can provide inputs, and retain creative control.

In November 2018, the Vermeer App was used to pre-visualize a one-on-one golf duel between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson at the Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas.

You Can’t Fly Complex Jobs Which Require Custom Equipment

Does your job require a custom-built drone or maybe a custom-engineered rig? Odds are, we might be able to help you out.

We have been building custom drones and rigs since 2015 when there were no enterprise solutions available in the market. To learn more about our custom-built heavy-life drones, check out this interview with Vermeer’s Lead Aerospace Engineer, Suresh Kumar.

If you found this information useful, you might want to check out other blog posts as well. Watch this space for the latest and most exciting drone news and updates!

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