Drone Industry Trends

Intrepid Museum Drone Exhibit Showcases a Century of Drone Technology

Drones are a ubiquitous part of the modern American consciousness. With the popularization of drones in the media during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, drone technology has only continued to grow in variety and popularity. 20 years ago radio-controlled aircraft … Read More

How the new FAA Part 107 changes drone operations compared to previous Section 333 rules

When deciding on a drone services provider, whether for industrial inspection, 3D mapping, commercial broadcast or film production work, you must consider the effects of the new small-drone regulations which went into effect August 29th. As new drone services firms … Read More

3 Creative Ways to Use Cases for Drones in Commercial Production

Drone technology is becoming more potent and the cost is coming down dramatically. This is giving rise to new creative uses in commercial production. At Aerobo, many of our clients are in the marketing and advertising space so we have … Read More