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The Multi-Billion Dollar Drone Market You and Your Drone are Missing Out On

A couple months ago you bought a drone. You learned how to fly it, you even took some cool shots with it. But after a few weeks, you let it collect dust. You sit on your couch and lose money. … Read More

What’s Keeping Companies from Penetrating The $100 B Drone Market

You start your day by eating breakfast with strawberries that were picked off of a farm in California less than 24 hours ago. You brush your teeth, get dressed, then hail an Uber, which flies you 80 miles in 18 … Read More

13 Black Cats

The Short and Sweet History of Camera Flight

Note from the editor: This is a summarized version of a post we wrote for NoFilmSchool‘s blog. Check out the original post here. Today, movie goers frequently encounter a god’s eye view shot on the big screen: Shots like this … Read More

An Engineer’s Perspective on the Past, Present, and Future of Drone Technology

Editor’s Note: This interview was conducted by Rotor Drone Mag, and originally published in their May/June Issue. Check out the original piece here. While drone pilots and cam ops are often in the limelight, drone engineers are the ones working … Read More

How to Tell Stories with Flying Cameras

Drones enable you to fly a camera— but few filmmakers are on to what that means. Most filmmakers use drones for those wide-angle, establishing shots that have been used in films for the past three decades. This aerial footage can … Read More

How the Opening Shot in Skyfall Launched an $8.8 Billion Industry

The first minute of Skyfall gives you your money’s worth. The film introduces the blue-eyed, dour 007in a high-speed motorcycle chase scene on the rooftop of the Grand Bazaar. You see Bond steal a bike, follow the villain through the … Read More

How Flying Cameras Captured the Most Gorgeous Commercial You’ve Ever Seen

Hoka ONE ONE just released one of the most creative commercials this year: The breathtaking composition was created using a combination of cinematic techniques rarely encountered on the big screen. Director Paul Trillo brought the lofty concept to life by … Read More

9 Drone Shots Filmmakers are Missing Out On

The entrance of drones into cinematography was inglorious. In the late 90s and 2000s, they were used as cheaper— and often illegal— alternatives to cranes or helicopters. Indie films with tight purse strings had a tool that enabled them to … Read More

The Greatest Showman Had the First Ever Drone Catch in a Major Motion Picture

The entire crew is huddled around the cinematographer and director. They’re all looking at an animated pre-vis of the opening sequence, trying to figure out how to execute the exact shot that Seamus McGarvey had envisioned. It starts in the … Read More

Marvel Heroes’ Cloak & Dagger Come to ABC with Help from Aerobo Drone Services

Cloak and Dagger are not your normal superheroes. Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson are runaways in New York City. After being kidnapped they were experimented on by an underworld chemist trying to create a new powerful synthetic heroin. During their escape, … Read More