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The Dramatic Impact of Drones on the VR Filmmaking Industry

Editor’s note: You’ve heard about how drones are being used for epic car chases, unique overhead shots, and gorgeous establishing scenes. You’ve even heard about drones replacing dollies, cranes, and helicopters on set. But little has been said about how … Read More

24 Best Resources for Getting into Aerial Videography and Photography

The buzzing contraption that once wreaked havoc on set has now become a respectable piece of film and photography equipment. Drones have been used on blockbuster sets like The Greatest Showman, and A Quiet Place, and indie projects such as … Read More

The Drone is Becoming a Filmmaker’s Tool

Editor’s note: This is a post we originally wrote for DRONELIFE. Check out the original post here. Drones were introduced into filmmaking as cheaper and safer alternatives for some helicopter shots. They could pull off (1) high-and-wide shots, so long as … Read More

Drones vs. Helicopters: Which to Use for Your Aerial Shots

In 1858 Gaspard-Felix Tournachon, also known as “Nadar”, flew a hot air balloon over Paris, taking the earliest known aerial photographs.  [source] Nadar was looking for a new perspective. His goal was not to fly but to capture footage that … Read More

Women Who Drone Feature: Why Aerial Photography Is No Longer a Boy’s Club

Editor’s note: We’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting Women Who Drone Founder Elena Buenrostro. After learning about her work in the aerial photography space, we just had to share her story.  [sr-spacer size=”medium”] [sr-spacer size=”medium”] If you met Elena … Read More

#Flyusaway: Drone Photography Contest Open to ALL

We’re excited to announce our first ever Instagram drone photography contest. We’re giving away a $500 grand prize, and showcasing the winner’s work and portfolio. The contest starts today, July 12th, and will run for a total of 5 weeks. The … Read More

The Multi-Billion Dollar Drone Market You and Your Drone are Missing Out On

A couple months ago you bought a drone. You learned how to fly it, you even took some cool shots with it. But after a few weeks, you let it collect dust. You sit on your couch and lose money. … Read More

What’s Keeping Companies from Penetrating The $100 B Drone Market

You start your day by eating breakfast with strawberries that were picked off of a farm in California less than 24 hours ago. You brush your teeth, get dressed, then hail an Uber, which flies you 80 miles in 18 … Read More

13 Black Cats

The Short and Sweet History of Camera Flight

Note from the editor: This is a summarized version of a post we wrote for NoFilmSchool‘s blog. Check out the original post here. Today, movie goers frequently encounter a god’s eye view shot on the big screen: Shots like this … Read More

An Engineer’s Perspective on the Past, Present, and Future of Drone Technology

Editor’s Note: This interview was conducted by Rotor Drone Mag, and originally published in their May/June Issue. Check out the original piece here. While drone pilots and cam ops are often in the limelight, drone engineers are the ones working … Read More