Atlanta Business Chronicle Reports Georgia #1 for Feature Films

Ellie Hensley reported in the Atlanta Business Chronicle that as of 2016 Georgia is number one for new feature film productions in any market including the U.K. and film giant, California. This data comes from nonprofit FilmL.A.. 17% of the top 100 films (by revenue) in 2016 were filmed in Georgia. The UK, with 16 films, was a close second, Canada (13) and California (12) were both close behind.

The booming film industry in Georgia can be attributed to the state of Georgia’s tax-incentive program for film production, awarding up to 30% of the production spend as transferable tax credits that can be sold on the free market. Even though the state gave up $606 million in tax revenue through this program, it has resulted in $2.02 billion in film production spend inside the state.

According to Ellie:

FilmL.A. switched up its methodology this year for its feature film study. Previously, it chose the films it studied based on releases by the major U.S. film companies, but this year it studied the 100 top-grossing films at the U.S. box office.

Under FilmL.A.’s previous methodology, Georgia tied with Louisiana for No. 3 with 12 films each in 2015. California ranked No. 1 with 19 films, and the U.K. 15 films.’

Georgia has been host to major films like ‘Divergent: Allegiant’, ‘Hidden Figures’, ‘Ride along 2’, ‘The Accountant’ and ‘Captain America: Civil War’. Since this study only accounts for feature films and not the many other TV, music and miscellaneous entertainment projects incentivized by the tax credit, this is only a small snapshot of the overall benefits of the tax incentive to creative projects working in Georgia.

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