Vimeo Names “At the End of the Cul De Sac” Staff Pick

Aware of the significant advancements and FAA regulation changes in drone technology during 2016, the TIME tech section recently listed the 6 Most Innovative Drone Videos of 2016 marking innovations in technology and technique and included At The End Of The Cul-de-Sac.

The short film was a project both written and directed by the innovative director Paul Trillo. Paul was familiar working with drones, having choreographed aerial smoke shows using drones. Paul’s constant pursuit of developing and playing with new techniques has led to a strikingly fresh body of work. His varied interest in technology, comedy, and design permeates throughout. Working with Director Paul Trillo, Aerobo showcases the cutting edge in drone cinematography, filming a single-take 10-minute shot using a DJI Inspire-1 drone and the X5 Camera.



Unlike the majority of films we consume, which are comprised of many separate cut-together scenes and takes, At The End Of The Cul-de-Sac delivers a continuous take, a format more akin to a play than the typical film. Using this unique style and perspective, the film tells a story of how a man’s public meltdown reveals how a suburban community truly feels about “outsiders”.

Check out the ‘making-of’ video here.

The Aerobo drone allows camera angles and movement that typically would require complicated and expensive rental, setup and coordination between dollies, steadicams and cherry-pickers. Drone technology has been booming, with more and more people seeing the benefits of drones for their aerial footage. Aerobo delivers the highest quality professional drone services. Aerobo’s drone crews work directly with directors using handsfree communications systems and include separate drone pilots and drone camera operators to allow precision camera control. Aerobo is the market leader in aerial cinematography and aerial broadcasts for sports and news, having worked on numerous TV and film projects and in various industries including agricultural inspection and industrial inspections.

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