Vermeer Public Beta Launch: AR-Enabled Drone Flight App

Today, we launch Vermeer Beta, a software that is designed to enable anyone to capture aerial photos, videos, and data. A user can now design their aerial shot in an augmented reality environment and then send it to a drone to execute autonomously in the real world.

This method of aerial capture is a more precise and intuitive alternative to the current methodology. Drone flight currently requires independent manual control of both, the drone and the camera. Vermeer allows an operator to manipulate only the shot of the camera, while the drone autonomously flies the appropriate route to pull off the shot.

“People don’t care about the drone,” says CEO and founder Brian Streem, “They care about the picture. This is true for filmmakers and photographers. It’s true for real estate agents who are marketing their properties, and it’s true for construction site managers who are monitoring the progress of their high-rise.” We’ve built the current version of the software for creatives, but future applications range across multiple verticals, including Real Estate, Construction, Industrial Inspection, and Insurance.

The biggest drone application for consumers and enterprises alike is in the aerial photography and videography space. Experts predict that the industry, currently worth $3B, is predicted to grow 30x in the next several years, as the number of drones manufactured in the world approaches 17M.

We’ve released Vermeer Public Beta to ensure that the full release will benefit from plenty of feedback and will be built around the problems of real people. Download and test the app today:

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