Aerobo Drones used to Film Car Chase in Netflix’s “Take the 10”

A new film named Take the 10 premieres today, January 20th, on Netflix. Take the 10 follows two friends as they trek to a music festival in San Bernardino. The friends get caught up in various hilarious situations as the two try to survive their journey.

Filmed under the codename ‘SD Bound’ (Sometimes in film production, movies are given working titles in place of their final title before a name is chosen or to conceal the project) Take the 10 was written and directed by Christopher Tam and features Fred Armisen, Cleopatra Coleman, Kevin Corrigan, Stella Maeve, and Andy Samberg.



Take the 10 was filmed on Inspire 1 with a X5R Camera. This shoot did not use your typical drone film camera-angles for the shots. Most drone shots are high-angle (makes sense, right?) aerial shots but this film leveraged innovative uses of drone cinematography. These unique shots required a highly skilled drone pilot to keep the aircraft flying quickly just bare inches above the road.

The drone film shots in Take the 10 were also unique because they occurred shortly before the federal drone regulations switched from Section 333 rules to the newly implemented Part 107 regulations. Part 107 makes some of the challenges in permitting and compliance that were experienced setting up this shoot much less onerous by streamlining the rules and permitting process.


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