Aerobo Drones Join the Green Giant on a Roadtrip

For close to 100 years the Jolly Green Giant has been a staple in American life. Seen in TV commercials over the decades, the store shelves, and kitchen tables, the Green Giant family of products, and the Jolly Green Giant himself are iconic. Another iconic part of America is the tradition of the road trip, where you hop in a car and drive to a distant location stopping to see the sights on the way. When B&G Foods wanted an innovative advertising campaign they sent the big man on a road trip.

Drone services company Aerobo was enlisted to help capture footage of the Giant in locations around the US where other giant objects are. Flying the DJI Phantom 4, Aerobo captured stunning aerial imagery at numerous locations while adhering to FAA and local guidelines for drone operation.

Partnering with Aerobo, the leading creative partner for agencies looking for drone services, gives you a professional drone team that can undertake giant tasks. With shoot locations all over the country, this project involved lots of travel, from the world’s largest rocking chair to the world’s largest golf tee. Aerobo drones followed the giant, delivering the candid shots anyone would want from a long-needed vacation after 89 years of hard work feeding American families.

The Aerobo team had a great time on the road trip and is a crucial partner that helps agencies take a great idea involving aerial footage and make it a reality. Aerobo provides the experience and skill needed to ensure that the highest standards are met when capturing needed shots for any project. This experience, when combined with the Aerobo dedication to safety and professionalism, is what makes Aerobo the industry leader in both drone services and aerial cinematography for TV, film and commercial production.


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