Aerobo brings stunning aerial cinematography to the Coach 1941: Fall 2017 Collection

The latest collection from Stuart Vevers was on display at the Fall 2017 show produced by COACH, surrounded by Americana like a prairie house and tumbleweed. American cultures of hip-hop and the great outdoors were juxtaposed in this unique display of warm colors, leather and accessories that also matched tough looks with softer accents and accessories.


Aerobo was enlisted to provide drone videography for the show using cable-cam technology. Aerobo, specializing in aerial cinematography, leveraged their highly trained and experienced crews and camera operators to provide a custom solution for Coach. We spec every project to the distinct demands of our customer and situation, employing the best technology and camera hardware for each specific requirement.

A fashion show is a unique environment that has highly specific challenges. The presence of a large audience presents a safety constraint that makes using drones for aerial shots impossible. In addition, for a fashion show environment, there is only one chance to get the shot right, with no possibility to ‘reshoot’ if an error is made. With stakes that high, Coach chose Aerobo to ensure that every shot was perfect, every time.

Aerobo provides the experience and skill needed to ensure that the highest standards a met when capturing needed shots. This experience, when combined with the Aerobo dedication to safety and professionalism, is what makes Aerobo the industry leader in both drone services and aerial cinematography of any sort.


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