Aerobo Professional Drone Services Used in A Double Murder Investigation

In Murder in Lehigh Valley: Keith Morrison Investigates Keith Morrison takes a critical look at a controversial 1994 double murder. The crime that resulted in two life sentences was based on DNA evidence that has since been deemed unreliable and illegitimate in a court of law.

The defense challenged the evidence that was present and pointed out numerous inconsistencies in the case, evidence and procedures, including the failure to adequately investigate alibis and other possible suspects.


The Murder in Lehigh Valley team enlisted Aerobo’s professional drone services to supply aerial photography and cinematography throughout the 80-minute episode. The episode features professional drone establishing shots of the cities and fields that frame the scenes of Pennsylvania where Morrison asks penetrating questions that reveal the uncertain circumstances surrounding the convictions’ evidence.

The director uses Aerobo drone cinematography to set the tone for certain scenes of the episode as well as to illustrate the sweeping geography involved in the explanation of the case, which spanned almost 20 miles of the Pennsylvania countryside. Spread throughout the episode, aerial cinematography makes up the backbone of the piece, giving viewers a concrete grasp of the areas described while also delivering an artistic view of the surrounding area, underlining the effect of the murders on the surrounding community.

Aerobo provides the experience and skill needed to ensure that the highest standards are met when capturing needed shots for any project. This experience, when combined with the Aerobo dedication to safety and professionalism, is what makes Aerobo the industry leader in both drone services and aerial cinematography for TV, film and commercial production. Contact Aerobo for more information.

You can check out the episode here by logging into your cable provider.


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