Our History

Three years ago, a group of engineers, filmmakers, and creative problem solvers came together to build one of the first drone companies in the country. That company, Aerobo, grew to become the industry leader in high quality aerial video.

Now, the same team wants to democratize aerial content by distilling their years of piloting experience into Vermeer, a software app that removes the friction from drone flight.

Our Team

Brian Streem

CEO and Founder
Brian is a New York native and a Tisch film school grad. Before founding his first drone company he worked as a producer on commercials and a few films that went to Sundance. He's passionate about bagels, movies, and cameras (in that order).

Qinzi Tan

Director of 3D Technology
Qinzi is a Unity C# engineer and UX designer with a focus on AR/VR/MR. She loves experimenting with new interaction technologies and translating ideas into innovative and meaningful output for humans. She also loves video games and pixel art.

Kristoph Matthews

Lead Engineer
Kristoph is the former CTO and founder of Boxbee, a logistics platform that now powers mom-and-pop self-storage companies around the world. He's passionate about solving complicated technical problems and telling the team to be reasonable.

Suresh Kumar

Lead Aerospace Engineer
Suresh has an M.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Cincinnati and has been interested in multi-rotor drones since his first year in college. When drones started catching on, he had to say "I told ya so," a lot.

Sasha Rezvina

Director of Product Marketing
Sasha is a Rutgers grad who found something useful to do with her B.A. in English. She's passionate about finding the right strategy and messaging to connect brands with people. She also loves writing about herself in third person.

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