We're building a new way to fly a camera. Be among the first to test the AR-enabled app.

Fly the camera, not the drone.

All photographers, videographers and content creators can now execute even the most complex aerial shots without hundreds of hours of piloting experience. We’re building a mobile iOS app to enable a creator to design their shot in an augmented reality environment and then send it to the drone to execute autonomously in the real world. 

Control the real world through the augmented.

Design your camera path in a miniature version of the real world. The shot that you plan in your 3D environment will match the aerial video or aerial photography your drone will capture, frame-for-frame.

Use intuitive hand motions to create complex flight patterns.

You no longer need to be a seasoned pilot to execute complicated aerial shots. Vermeer will allow you to use basic hand movements to move your phone camera through the 3D environment. The camera attached to your drone will mimic the exact motion and relative speed in the real world.

Save and re-use camera paths

Inspiration strikes at the most inconvenient times. Create and save your plans for aerial photography or videography before you're even at your location. Then, send to your drone to autonomously execute whenever you're ready.

Be among the first to use the Vermeer iOS App for aerial photography and content creation.